Wearing wigs no longer taboo - Shelly-Ann Curran jumps into the fashion market with new line

August 30, 2019

Shelly-Ann Curran’s career as a no-nonsense artiste manager and booking agent took a serious professional turn approximately four years ago.

With an innate passion and love for the entertainment industry, Curran explained, “I would call myself the consummate music marketer, really. My team and I focus on all aspects of marketing in the business, from proper management right down to the end product. I definitely do not want to be boxed in or labelled. I have so much creativity and structure to offer in so many areas of the music business … not just as a manager.”

As the principal of John John Music Group, she says that she has been going against the grain in Jamaica’s music business and that with all the lessons learned, she feels that it is the right time for her to implement her visions and restructure how business and music are done in conjunction.

And with the level of growth she has observed, Curran is exploring other business ventures.

“I am doing exactly what God wanted me to do. I am here to change the game in the business of music not only locally but internationally and in my decision to go after all my passions this year. I am branching off in my own brand of fashion, Wigs by Shelly-Ann Curran,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

She is a strong believer in the strength of her brand and has invested much to kickstart the venture, including a partnership with a wig designer based in China.

The brand’s tagline, ‘Queenin’ on a Budget’, she said, will be reflective in each design.

“I see the brand as a game-changer, where women can feel proud to wear wigs that fit them and fit any budget,” she said. “We will be rolling out three tiers of ‘queenship’, and it is very exciting for me to be able to provide products that suit every woman. It will be a line of affordable wig options, hence the tagline.”

Thanks to celebrities and product availability, wearing a wig is no longer taboo among women but is considered a great way to change up the look.

She said, “A woman should be empowered to be confident in herself. I don’t think a woman should wear a wig to please anybody, least of all a man. I wear wigs for me, to boost my own self-esteem, confidence, and most importantly, I wear them because they are convenient.”The official brand launch has not been announced, but persons can view the collection on social media.

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