Ikaya to give back to Waterhouse - Partners with King Bach for community development programme

August 28, 2019

Ikaya admits that while growing up she did not attend any community back-to-school treats, but having performed at several throughout her career, she has witnessed the impact it can have.

"Growing up in Waterhouse, I have first-hand knowledge of what the children and parents in the community go through and the struggles they face on a daily basis, especially with providing for their families. People go through a lot throughout the year and life can be hard, especially around back-to-school time," Ikaya told THE STAR.

The dancehall-reggae singjay has decided that in-between promoting her latest music video, she will be hosting a back-to-school treat alongside international comedian/actor Andrew 'King Bach' Bachelor and his charitable organisation, the RuJohn Foundation. The treat is scheduled for this Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Balcombe Drive in the Kingston 11 community.

"The back-to-school treat should help to alleviate some of the expenses that parents face each year within my community. and it is very important to note that I could not have done this without some amazing sponsors and partners who not only share a similar belief, but decided to make it happen for Waterhouse this year," she said.

"Apart from being one of the title sponsors, King Bach has given me a commitment that part proceeds from his comedic album, Medicine, will go towards my community development programme. I would also like to thank the Social Development Commission, Bigga, W ata and CranW ata and Crazy Jim Ice Cream."

The activities for the day will include a fun-day feature for the children and a mini stage show with some of Ikaya's reggae and dancehall comrades. The singer and her team are prepared to cater for up to 300 youths.

"One can never know how many people to expect when doing things like these (and we have seen this). All you can do is hope that you can impact as many people as you can, and that we have a fun-filled day with the children," she said.

With all the community treats being hosted by corporate entities and entertainers, Ikaya said, "I don't believe that we can have too many. In fact, I would like us to have more. I would like for this venture to be the beginning of an era of growth and development for the community of Waterhouse and our country."

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